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The Crimson Pact: Volume One, The Crimson Pact: Volume Two, The Crimson Pact: Volume Three, and The Crimson Pact: Volume Four are now all available at our store (and other online retailers). You can also get Volumes One through Four in a single large bundle for 20% off!

Please note that if you buy the book from our site, you will get a ZIP file containing the eBook in ePub (compatible with nook, Kobo, Sony, iBookstore), Kindle, and PDF formats. If you buy the book from another retailer, ensure they have the correct format for your device.

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See trailers for 24 of the stories in volume two at our YouTube channel!

The Principals


The Crimson Pact anthologies are based on the origin story "The Failed Crusade" by Paul Genesse and Patrick Tracy. These anthologies are edited by Paul Genesse and published by Alliteration Ink

A historical aside: The Crimson Pact,‭ ‬as envisioned by Patrick M.‭ ‬Tracy and Paul Genesse,‭ first ‬grew out of a collaborative discussion on‭ “‬The Calamity Club‭”‬.‭ ‬While that original concept fell through,‭ ‬the concept is now being relaunched based on the distinctive elements in the story‭ “‬The Failed Crusade‭” ‬by Mr.‭ ‬Tracy‭ & ‬Mr.‭ ‬Genesse. There is no intent to claim rights to any conceptualization, distinct from "The Failed Crusade" that came out of the original discussions on "The Calamity Club".

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